About Víctor

Victor was born in Madrid in 1988. Since he was a kid he had artistical curiosity, finally choosing something that will determine the course of his life: Magic.

On a first stage of self-taught learning he read, learnt and practiced every magic book and magic trick that fell in his hands.

His enthusiasm grew until he decided to perform in front of a real audience. Little wonder, after his first performance he realized that his place was there, receiving an ovation.

He has the privilege of having acted with Juan Tamariz in the Teatro Circo Price, Madrid, or being part of the III International Magic Fesival of Madrid, and the pleasure of being on the stages of theaters such as Teatro Alfil, La Chocita del Loro, Club de Campo de Madrid, Teatro Pompeya, Galileo Galilei, Teatro Arenal o Sala Andévalo, among many others.

He has also participated in magic campaigns for different brands, such as Nespresso, CocaCola, Cirque du Soleil, MBT, Banco Santander among many others, and acts in charity acts with Fundación Abracadabra.

Wanting to increase his knowledge and perfect mhisskills, he decided to join the Escuela de Magia Ana Tamariz (Ana Tamariz's Magic School). Even today, that decision helps him become a better magician in every aspect.

As someone said: "Magic is the most difficult art, as it requires a bit of many different arts" and for that reason he always wanted to receive a full education in different disciplines, as music or juggling, even studying for a year in the renowned circus school Carampa combining them with his Law Degree.

On these years he has learnt several things, performed lots of times, and acquired lots of experience, but some things never change, like the thrill he feels everytime he sets foot on a stage.

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